Saturday, January 1, 2011


You've stumbled upon the introductory post of the Prairie Rim Home blog.  Think of this as a Midwestern "This Old House."  Our primary theme for the first year or two will be building a new custom home on a small acreage, as well as fixing up our current 120-year-old urban home prior to selling it.  I come from a long line of handy-folk, and have gotten pretty good at swinging a hammer over the years.

This blog won't just be construction, though.  Landscaping and interior decorating issues will also pop up from time to time, and who knows what topics will show up once we settle into life on the acreage.  This is a journey, and we're glad to have you all join us.  We want to make this a community where you all feel welcome to share your own war stories or ask questions from others.

Who are we?  We're Ben & Stacy Hollingsworth -- mid-life parents with three elementary-aged kids.  We prefer to do stuff ourselves rather than hire everything out, but we still know when to trust the experts when our time is more valuable than their fees.  My (Ben's) dad built his own house (twice) and managed/repaired apartments for decades, and is responsible for much of what I know on the subject.  My brother, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather all built houses.  It's in my blood.

Stacy and I both have an appreciation for old things.  Our current home was built in 1892.  We fell in love with the feel of it when we first walked in.  Things deteriorate with age, though, and we're looking forward to building a brand new house on an acreage that looks like a120-years-old farm house.

Stacy and Ben share the posting duties here at Prairie Rim, and you'll surely hear from both of us in the Home blog.  We're certainly not expert homebuilders, but we've learned a few things along the way, and want to save you the trouble of enduring our mistakes.  Mostly, we just like to share what we do know to help whoever we can.  Be sure to check out the various other topics here at Prairie Rim, including:

Be sure to check in often.  We really value feedback from our readers, so please voice your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of each post.

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