Monday, April 4, 2011

We own dirt & timber

We now own three acres of dirt and timber.  We spent this morning at Lincoln Federal, where we signed the closing papers on our new 3-acre plot.

Since there's no house on the acreage and we don't have building plans yet, they also pre-approved us for a guesstimated amount that should cover our building costs.  The pre-approval locked us in at some pretty low interest rates, just in case the economy improve and interest rates skyrocket before we break ground.  That's a Good Thing(tm).

We're really happy with the lot, and have already gotten to know one of the new neighbors (friends of our current neighbors).  It's only 3/4 mile outside the city limits, but still very quiet.  It's closer to both school & church than our current house.  We can't wait to move!

Before that happens, though, we need to pick a builder and get some house plans nailed down.  More on that to come.

Until then, we've hired a 12-year-old neighbor boy (from the aforementioned family) to mow the lot for us this summer.  We don't need a golf course; we just need to keep the weeds at bay so it looks presentable from the street and the neighbors don't complain.  This arrangement works much better than my trailering my dad's tractor mower out there every few weeks.

As always, if you've got any comments or questions, please speak up below.  We'd always love to hear from you.

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