Thursday, August 23, 2012

The floor plan keeps growing

We've met with our architect several times over the last couple months.  Our goal has been to flesh out the details of the original plan that we came up with on our own.  We were hoping that he could provide some professional insight that could shrink the plan (and cost) a little bit without compromising the goals we were trying to meet with our original plan.

The good news is that we like the plans he brings us more & more with every iteration.  There are still things I'm not crazy about, but we're getting closer.  He hasn't suggested anything earthshattering, but he has brought in a few details that we like.  I guess that means we did a pretty decent job of coming up with the original plan ourselves.

The bad news is that the architect seems to be oblivious to the square footage of the designs he's creating.  At our last meeting, I realized that the reason we loved the latest plan so much is that the house grew from our 3000 square foot goal to nearly 3600 square feet, which is way beyond our price range.

I pointed this out to the guy, and we then spent the better part of the next hour putting lots of red ink on the drawings he brought us.  I hope this will get him back on track and get us something that we still like, but actually have a prayer of affording.

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